JVM profiling and tuning

How to find a Java Memory Leak

 - Start the application and wait until it get to "stable" state, when all the initialization is complete and the application is idle.
 - Run the operation suspected of producing a memory leak several times to allow any cache, DB-related initialization to take place.
 - Run GC and take memory snapshot.
 - Run the operation again. Depending on the complexity of operation and sizes of data that is processed operation may need to be run several to many times.
 - Run GC and take memory snapshot.
 - Run a diff for 2 snapshots and analyze it.


FINDING A MEMORY LEAK WITH JPROFILER: http://blog.ej-technologies.com/2017/03/finding-memory-leak-with-jprofiler.html

jvm tuning

Garbage Collection (GC) Tuning Guide https://confluence.atlassian.com/enterprise/garbage-collection-gc-tuning-guide-461504616.html#GarbageCollection(GC)TuningGuide-TurnonGClogging

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