how to reactivate Google domains - "Domain is not serving because its email address is not verified"


my domain at Google Domians is not working with this error message:

Domain is not serving because its email address is not verified. Resend verification email

looks like I need to verify my email in the whois info, unluckily, I used a [email protected], this is a typical Circular dependency:

  • in order to reactivate my domain, I need to access my email
  • in order to access my email, I need to reactivate my domain

since I cannot access [email protected], why don’t just update the email address to my gmail? the change will require a verification!

  • I still cannot access my [email protected] to approve the whois info update
  • I can use the phone number to verify the change, however, my phone number is not valid anymore!

then I contacted the help, which responses me in 2 minutes, the solution is:

  • update my phone number first, this will not require a verification.
  • updte my email address, use my phone to verify the change. and it works.

## conclusion

  • prefer to use a gmail instead of a [email protected] in your whois info
  • update you whois info promptly.
- 2017-04-15 edit