Database insertion performance comparison between H2 and MySQL using JDBC


I recommened my friend to use H2(Embedded) to process data from flat files in a java project. however, I was told that the data loading is very slow. I want to verify this.

Testing Scope

  • data insertion using JDBC. data will be generated during insertion.
  • SQL join


Inserting 1M records (Records / Second)

|DB|Pure SQL Insertion|Prepared Statement|Prepared Statement - BatchSize:50| |—-| —-:|—–:|—-:| |H2 - FileBased|62,305|104,866|107,469| |H2 - InMemory|54,630|75,392|79,859| |MySQL|6,835|6,727|7,009|

Inserting 10M (Prepared Statement AutoCommit)

DB Duration
H2 - FileBased 102,176
MySQL 7,526

Joining - 1M records join with 1M records

DB Join Duration (MillionSeconds)
H2 - FileBased 16554
H2 - InMemory 2490
MySQL 9140



  • PreparedStatement can increase the insertion performance
  • Insert to FileBased embedded H2 database is faster than InMemory H2
  • Joining in InMemory H2 database is faster than MySQL and FileBased H2
  • data insertion to a embedded H2(file-based & in-memory) is faster than MySQL


- 2016-12-11 edit